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i love my friends soo so much!!! i grew up in highschool with all of you guys (we went to instagram together) and im a senior now and its still like. honestly so astonishing thinking about how you guys are still my friends after all of this time. i hope we never ever grow apart!!!! you guys have shaped who i am as a person today and i dont regret it one bit.

WA!!!! ☆o(><;)○

my main friend group, wa, i love you all so much!! even though ive broken away lots of times i always found myself coming back to u guys. ur like my home!! ive had so many silly and awesome moments with u all i hope it never stops cauuse you all are like my second family awesome sauce!! deca mabel bonnie nev lego selena maxin liam charlotte dink jacob june AIIIRRGHHHH you guys are just AWESOMEEEEE!!!!!!!! ily all sm ❤️❤️❤️ here's to our adult yearssss

SANFORDTITS!!!凸( ̄ヘ ̄)

it allllll started right before madness combat had its big resurgence... it was still kinda underground at the time in our spaces and just known as "the series that tricky is from" but i really just. wanted people to talk to it about cause i knew NO ONE!!!!! no one who liked it so i went on big chungles and created a groupchat with you guys!!!!! who fuckin knew that it would take off and become a really awesom friend group AND WITH A SUCCESSFUL ACCOUNT!!! holy hell you are all so spectacular and im proud of you all for discovering yourselves during this ongoing timeframe. good luck with sanfordtits and keep up the wacky shenanigans!